Borneo Rainforest

The Homo predator in Borneo

Those of us who belong to the species Homo sapiens owe our name and surname to our two main characteristics: we are human, and we are endowed with the ability to think. When one enters Borneo and focuses on the microscope to learn more about what has happened on the enormous island in the last 50 years, it concludes that those responsible for the greatest environmental catastrophe in the history of the Earth have not they qualify to be sapiens…

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Borneo, with its 743,330 km2, is the third largest island on Earth and is larger than France. Called Kalimantan in Indonesian, Borneo is divided politically into three parts: Malaysia has 26.7% of its territory, Indonesia 72.6% and Brunei less than 1%. The large island is inhabited by about 16.4 million people. Sumatra and Borneo are the only two places on Earth where orangutans live. The forests of Borneo, described by some as the Asian Amazon…

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